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Author Topic: IDEAS VOTING  (Read 236 times)

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« on: January 18, 2017, 04:35:55 PM »
We will automatically list to the poll above 10 most viewed IDEAS which are announced on the board "Idea Announcement" and meet the conditions below.
- The poll will start right away when there're enough 10 available IDEAS for voting.

- One round for voting lasts for 1 month.

- For each round, the IDEA has highest number of vote will be the winning IDEA and the owner of that IDEA will receive reward of that round. There is only one winner will receive reward. All remain IDEAS could join next round of voting if qualified.

- Condition for IDEA to be qualified for the Poll:
     + IDEA could be about any aspect of life however only IDEA on the applications of cryptocurrencies to life will be accepted for voting.
     + For each round of voting, within one month, IDEA's Announcement thread has at least 1000 views and 20 replies. That means the IDEA qualification for the poll will not be based on the total view number of the IDEA announcement but on the total views and replies the IDEA's announcement achieve in one month.

- What is the reward of winning IDEAS?
     + Here is the ICOBID address for receiving donations.

     + We will always give the first donation which is 10.000 ICOBID.
     + All of the donation will be given to the owner of the winning IDEA.

- When will the ICOBID fund from donation address be released?

     + We will release ICOBID from donation address to winner's ICOBID address after each round.

- Winner of one round will be not able to qualify for next rounds

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