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Author Topic: Opinion Piece: What would make this coin a stable top 100 coin.  (Read 81 times)

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Hello, I'm new the community and own around 1m ICOB coins. I've noticed slow and steady growth with this coin and I was willing to support this coin and see the vision that us being put forward. There are certain things that I believe could moon the coin, but there are also things that I think could enhance the slow and steady growth process that this coin to going for. I would love to see this coin reach a 1 million market cap by the end of the summer, and a 10 million cap by the end of spring next year. I think this would be easily achievable with some simple marketing strategies.

                  To start this process I would love to see an increase in markets. Poloniex and Bittrex would be both huge markets with the ability to increase the amount of BTC to flow through ICOB. The user control with the coin allows it to be a more effective and become a very popular coin. I think increasing the markets would also bring more awareness to this fantastic coin.

                   I think an issue with this coin is the very clunky way the website is. I'm enjoying the website, but I think a website that is more effective with it's UI. I do not have a degree in web design, but have a vision on how the website could be established to deliver a more clear and precise message. I overall think the website is a good base but has its issues that could be fixed. I want to say that with a better website and more clearly drawn message it would attract many more investors in this fantastic coin.

                   From what I can tell this company is all about slow and steady growth, and its one of the larger reasons I invested. I would, however, like to say, if the devs switch and just want to moon this shit quick they could add nodes/masternodes which seem to be a huge selling point for many fantastic investment coins. If these were to be implemented I think it should be required to own anywhere from 5% - 9%. I obviously wouldn't be included in this with my <1% stake, but I think this would increase the amount of money within this coin. Investors love masternodes, and the ability to own one gives incentives for people with larger amounts of bitcoin to invest in this coin.

I think is any of these were implemented it would allow the market cap to grow exponentially. I would love to see the price of this coin go from 35 sats to 7000 sats within the next year and a half to 3 years. I think this coin has a load of potential, and I really enjoy the voting system. I'm curious to see the voting system play out and I would love to see it remain as a vote based on population and not on stake. I think with a combination of population, and the adding of a masternodes system could attract new people. I, however, want newcomers to this coin to see a website with a more direct message, and the readily available knowledge of this coin. These newcomers numbers would increase more markets have the ability to sell ICOB. 

Some side notes, I want to say I love how active the devs are with the social media, and I would love to see weekly updates to keep everyone involved in what is happening. The coin is a very new coin, but I think with proper care by both developers and users his coin could easily break the top 100 on coinmarketcap.com quickly. I'm looking forward to HODLing this coin.

P.S. I love the logo. Don't change it. The darker logo is better and I hate the logo on Twitter.
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