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Important News

ICOBID shares essential ideas to Wavesplatform. Waves are building a decentralized token issuance and a decentralized crowdfunding platform while we want to build a crowdfunding platform based on major community's favor. 

We decide to issue ICOBID token on Wavesplaform (it called ICOB-W).

That means ICOBID is available for trading on Waves Decentralized Exchange.

There're 200.000.000 ICOB-W in total on Wavesplatform.

This amount of ICOB-W will be distributed to all ICOBID holders.

There're about 100.000.000 ICOBID in circulation, so 1 ICOB = 2 ICOB-W

To receive ICOB-W, please follow the guides below.

1. First, withdraw all ICOBID you have (on exchanges, on many wallets or many addresses) to one address stored on home wallet.

     Copy that ICOBID address and replace "youraddress" in the link below to check the balance:

     This ensures that the address above contains all ICOBID you have so that you will receive maximum amount of ICOB-W.

2. Download Waves Client, create an account and generate Waves address.


     - Deposit to Waves client some Waves.
     - To have some some Waves on client, you can buy it on Bittrex, Tidex or you can deposit Bitcoint directly to your Waves client, then buy some Waves on Waves    Decentralized Exchange on the third tab of client. To execute first buying order on DEX, you have to have at least 0.003 Waves on balance. To have this amount of Waves, you can earn from Waves faucet, here: https://wavesplatform.com/

3. After having some Waves on balance, sending 1 Waves to this address



     In Attachment area, paste your ICOBID address that you have checked above in first line. In second line, please paste the "signed message" that ensures you are the owner of that address.

     Follow the guides below to generate "signed message" with your address.

     - Open ICOBID wallet (contain the ICOBID address above)
     - Choose File > Sign Message
     - Message to sign: ICOBID

     - Then, copy "signed message" as shown:

     In conclusion, only address generated from home wallet is available for applying. All addresses generated on exchanges are not available to receive ICOB-W.

     There're are two weeks for ICOBID holders to send a Waves-message to us to receive ICOB-W. Deadline is 30th of May. After that, we will distribute ICOB-W to all ICOBID holders within 1 week. The amount ICOB-W you will receive is equal to two times the ICOBID balance of the address you send us. 
     ICOB-W will be available for trading on Waves Decentralized Exchanges after that.

     For all ICOBID holders who joined special investment program and will receive ICOBID back in July, I will release ICOB and ICOB-W at that time.


1. All ICOBID platform members at http://icobidplatform.net will receive 5000 ICOB-W as early supporting bounty.
     on http://icobidplatform.net, log in, PM your Waves address to receive bounty.

2. If you are using Wavesplatform to issue your own Waves tokens, let announce your project on our platform at the board below to receive 5000 ICOB-W as an initial prize. If your project win in a voting round, you wil receive 10.000 ICOB-W + 10.000 ICOB. 

     on http://icobidplatform.net, PM your Waves address and ICOBID address to receive reward after announcing your project.

3. Moderators on http://icobidplatform.net needed

      If your are an active supporter of ICOBID, let apply to be moderator on our platform. You will receive deserved payment.


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